Critical Thinking

Students study one major, one minor and one elective course for each 2 week period they are with us, and they may also take one optional class. Students can take classes from one single subject area, or choose any combination from across the different areas we offer. Details are given below for the critical thinking course we offer.

1) Critical Thinking - The Art of Reasoning (Major or Minor)

For students who wish to take other subjects alongside their critical thinking course may find the following particularly relevant: Public Speaking and Debate.

Major or Minor: Critical Thinking - The Art of Reasoning

Prerequisites: None

Broad Aims:
 Critical thinking will help you succeed no matter what subject you hope to study at university. This course will improve your ability to conduct debates in class, evaluate others' arguments, and create your own persuasive arguments. 

Detailed Objectives: This course will enable you to identify, evaluate, and construct arguments in spoken and written forms, recognise false reasoning and use language to express and influence an argument. After this course you should be able to recognise biases and ambiguous language, base judgments on evidence, and approach topics and problems from various angles.  

Summary of Syllabus:
 Over the course of the fortnight we will examine five topics: what is an argument? Inductive and deductive reasoning, supportive sources, language use, and awareness of bias. The coursework will focus on defining statements, premises and conclusions, and understanding ambiguous and vague language. 

No. of hours tuition: 16 hours (Major), 8 hours (Minor)

Interviews with students who took this course: Felix (Austria), Katharina (Germany), Christina (Germany), Fatima (England), Agung (Indonesia), Alyssa (USA), Johann (France), Marina (Greece), Marcus (Singapore)