Extra-Curricular Options: Electives

Students take part in extra-curricular classes by choosing one elective for ech 2 week period they are at the Oxford Summer Academy. Electives lead to a recognisable achievement - an achievement that students can use in university applications to show that they have extensive and broad abilities and interests. With the support of the academic staff, electives take place during the afternoons and are designed to lead to recognizable, tangible outcomes. Electives, more than anything, are designed to be fun, and to allow students to let off steam!

Below you can find descriptions of the electives on offer. To see examples of student's work and videos from last year's elective programmes, please visit our life at the academy page.

Creative Writing
Profile Your Personality
Public Speaking and Debate

Student quiz

Creative Writing:
The skills of writing prose, poetry and journalism are developed as students create content for the Oxford Summer Academy Magazine. This will be distributed to all students and their families at the course end. Previous magazines can be seen here.

Profile Your Personality:
On this journey of self-discovery, students will take numerous quizzes and tests to uncover different aspects of their personality. These results will be explored further to help students identify their strengths and to learn how to overcome their weaknesses. In addition to their own self-awareness, students will gain an appreciation of other people’s personalities, and how they can best work alongside them. 

The beautiful architecture, cityscapes and landscapes of Oxford will be used in this elective. Each afternoon, students visit a different Oxford location and build a portfolio of work. At the end of the course, an exhibition of students’ work is mounted. Images also contribute to the Academy Magazine.

Public Speaking and Debate:
Oxford has a long tradition of debate - many UK and US politicians learnt their public speaking skills in the Oxford Union. Students will gain confidence and competence in constructing, rebutting and presenting arguments. Based on a proposition that the students decide themselves, a debate is conducted in front of all the students, and a vote taken, to decide the winning team.


Photography elective
Photograph by student participating in Photography Elective, Oxford Summer Academy 2013