Young Engineer

This two-week programme focuses on some of the key academic knowledge needed to make a successful engineering application to a top university and then combines it with in visits to some of Oxford’s top engineering firms. Oxford is the home of two universities both with excellent engineering departments and facilities, including Oxford Brookes’ Formula 1 testing lab, and it also houses BMW’s manufacturing plant, where over 3 million Minis have been built, and students will get to visit both of these places. The programme will also spend time looking at different types of engineering, such as mechanical, civil and aeronautical. Having access to tutors and researchers from the two universities which are at the cutting edge of the engineering world (the main F1 teams all have a Brookes graduate) makes this programme ideal for those interested in this career pathway. The programme concludes with a space design competition judged to NASA standards with experts providing analysis and advice.                                               

This course fills the 2 week period, so students do not need to pick any further courses to take while at the Oxford Summer Academy.