Young Executive

One of the University of Oxford’s newest projects has been to open The Foundry – a dedicated space for students to pursue business and entrepreneurial ideas. Innovation and business in Oxford is thriving; so, what better way for students to hone their skills in this area than by coming to OSA’s dedicated two-week Young Executive programme? Students will not only get a crash course in business theory – including profit and loss accounting, marketing, ideas generation as well as an insight into HR management, but they will also learn how to create a business plan. Students will look at the changing nature of the workplace and how working environments have dramatically shifted in the past 20 years. Our partner organisation, Future Considerations (a business management consultancy) will be delivering a number of the workshops. The end of the course culminates in a business pitch judged by real industry experts, which could potentially receive actual financial investment from them.                                                 

This course fills the 2 week period, so students do not need to pick any further courses to take while at the Oxford Summer Academy.