Students study one major, one minor and one elective course for each 2 week period they are with us, and they may also take one optional class. Students can take classes from one single subject area, or choose any combination from across the different areas we offer. Details are given below for the various literature courses we offer.

1) Shakespeare and Friends (Major)
2) Perspectives on Poetry (Minor)

For students who wish to take other subjects alongside their literature course may find the following particularly relevant: Creative Writing

Major: Shakespeare and Friends

Prerequisites: None compulsory – but some knowledge of at least one or two Shakespeare plays would be useful.

Broad Aims:
 To understand Shakespeare in the literary context in which he was writing, as well as to appreciate the vibrant and exciting scope of Renaissance literature beyond the bard. The course should inform work on Shakespeare and other writers in school, further study and for personal enjoyment.

Detailed Objectives: 
Students will gain a broad overview of both Shakespeare’s writing and the work of other key London writers at the end of the sixteenth and start of the seventeenth centuries. The course will see Shakespeare as a man of his time, writing in a fiercely competitive literary and theatrical market place. Students will be asked to critically evaluate Shakespeare’s status among modern audiences and ask whether any of his contemporaries deserve the same level of critical attention, historical and popular affection that we give Shakespeare today.

Summary of Syllabus: Shakespeare’s work will be considered alongside extracts from relevant contemporary writers. These may include Shakespeare’s rivals in London’s theatres, Marlowe, Kyd, Webster and Jonson; his famous collaborators, Middleton and Fletcher; as well as work on which Shakespeare is thought to have collaborated, such as Arden of Faversham. Other writers from the same literary culture may also be considered such as the poet Mary Sidney, satirist Thomas Nashe and Shakespeare’s clown Will Kempe.

No. of hours tuition: 16 hours

Interviews with students who took this course: Erin (USA), Abby (USA), Lilly (USA)

Minor: Perspectives on Poetry

Prerequisites: A keen interest in all types of poetry and the willingness to learn and apply techniques of literary criticism and appreciation to the material studied on the course.

Broad Aims: To broaden your understanding and enjoyment of a wide variety of poetry.

Detailed Objectives: To equip you with the skills and confidence needed to analyse and evaluate with conviction the work of an eclectic mix of poets and poetic forms. The material studied may include selections from the Romantics, war poetry and the works of T.S. Eliot, W.B. Yeats, W.H. Auden, Roy Campbell, Ted Hughes and Seamus Heaney. Clarity of thought and expression, coupled with fluent and cogent argument, are highly prized attributes at university, and this course aims to ensure that you will both acquire and readily demonstrate them when the need arises.

Summary of Syllabus: Close study, critical examination, analysis and evaluation of poetic form, content and meaning. Particular attention will be given to detailed exploration of authorial intentions, the techniques employed and the degree of success attained in achieving them.

No. of hours tuition: 8 hours

Interviews with students who took this course: Clara (Belgium), Abby (USA)