Students study one major, one minor and one elective course for each 2 week period they are with us, and they may also take one optional class. Students can take classes from one single subject area, or choose any combination from across the different areas we offer. Details are given below for the various maths courses we offer.

1) Mathematics - Functions (Major)
2) Mathematics - Applied Probability (Minor)

For students who wish to take other subjects alongside their maths course may find the following particularly relevant: Device Programming and the Internet of Things (IoT)

Major: Mathematics - Functions

Prerequisites: Some experience with algebra, for example, polynomials, linear and quadratic equations and inequalities.

Broad Aims:
 This course develops students' understanding of functions and provides a strong foundation for the study of calculus. 

Detailed Objectives: Students are encouraged to develop problem-solving skills and in particular, familiarity with functions and their properties. 

Summary of Syllabus: Co-ordinate Geometry; Euclidean Geometry; Solving Triangles with Laws of sines and cosines; Radians; the concept of a function and its graph; the domain and range of a function; composite functions and inverse functions; examples of functions e.g. Quadratic, cubic, exponential, logarithmic, trigonometric; curve sketching of rational functions; the modulus function; complex numbers; the Binomial Theorem.

No. of hours tuition: 16 hours

Interviews with students who studied our maths courses: Marina (Greece)Dragos (Romania)Federico (Italy)Jub (Thailand).

Minor: Mathematics - Applied Probability

Prerequisites: None

Broad Aims:
 This course aims to introduce students to key concepts in probability and begin to consider how ideas from probability can influence decisions on likelihood in the broader world.

Detailed Objectives: Students will develop understanding of concepts in probability and the ability to solve problems. The course will emphasise how to tackle problems involving conditional probability and the use of tree diagrams.

Summary of Syllabus: Elementary Probability: definitions, formulae, tree diagrams; conditional probability; the binomial distribution.

No. of hours tuition:
 8 hours

Interviews with students who studied our maths courses: Marina (Greece), Dragos (Romania), Federico (Italy), Jub (Thailand).