Students study one major, one minor and one elective course for each 2 week period they are with us, and they may also take one optional class. Students can take classes from one single subject area, or choose any combination from across the different areas we offer. Details are given below for the various psychology courses we offer.

1) Psychology - Inside the Human Mind (Major)
2) Psychology - Crime and Punishment (Minor)

For students who wish to take other subjects alongside their psychology course may find the following particularly relevant: Mathematics - Probability and Statistics, Profile Your Personality.

Major: Psychology - Inside the Human Mind

Prerequisites: None

Broad Aims:
 How we think, interpret and experience the world around us has been delighting and frustrating psychologists for over 100 years. This course introduces you to a wide range of psychological approaches, including Psychodynamic, Behavioural, Cognitive and Biological psychologies. All of which seek to explain the diversity of human behaviour. We will examine areas such as memory, individual differences including psychopathology, social influence and stress. This course aims to give you a general overview of the subject. 

Detailed Objectives: 
1) To give students an introduction to the development of psychological theories and their associated methodologies.
2) To provide a broad understanding of the key approaches in Psychology.
3) To develop an awareness of the ethics and debates of current psychological research 

Summary of Syllabus: 

  • An overview of the development of psychological thought over the past 100 years and its associated methodological changes.
  • An introduction to Psychodynamic, Behavioural, Cognitive and Biological Psychologies
  • Aspects of psychopathology
  • A general understanding of the tensions that exist between the various approaches in modern psychology. 

No. of hours tuition: 16 hours

Interviews with students who took this course:
Hannah (USA), Katharina (Germany), Poorva (India), Roxy (Canada), Lily (USA)

Major: Psychology - Crime and Punishment

Prerequisites: None

Broad Aims: Why do some people turn to a life of crime? Do we always convict the right guy? And when, if ever, should we lock them up and throw away the key? This course will explore Psychology’s contributions to such questions, with some surprising answers… This course will provide an overview of psychological research into Crime and Punishment, demonstrating how a scientific understanding of the causes of human behaviour can improve all aspects of criminal justice. Considering the different stages of the process of criminal behaviour and justice will facilitate introduction to the assumptions and methodologies of different branches of Psychology. 

Detailed Objectives: 
1) To develop an understanding of the complexity involved in identifying the causes of human behaviour
2) To develop an awareness of the issues surrounding how we treat suspects, witnesses, jury members, and prisoners
3) To know how the different branches of scientific psychology operate, and the types of evidence they use
4) To be able to critically evaluate psychological studies, explaining how their strengths and weaknesses influence their value for influencing policy

Summary of Syllabus: 

  • “My genes made me do it!”: determinants of behaviour and ‘Nature vs Nurture’ (Biological Psychology and Social Learning)
  •  Criminal Thinking Patterns and the Development of Morality (Individual Differences, Psychopathology, and Developmental Psychology)
  • Psychology in the Courtroom: ‘Flashbulb memories’, the Reliability of Eye-witness Testimony, and the Psychology of Persuasion (Cognitive Psychology)
  • Offender Punishment and Rehabilitation: What works and why? (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Learning Theory)

No. of hours tuition: 8 hours