Films, Clips and Interviews

We have a selection of video films and clips showing students taking part in public speaking events, performing plays, improvising comedy sketches and attending the graduation ceremony at the end of the course. This is gives a good flavour of the types of activities and the atmosphere of previous courses at the Oxford Summer Academy. Please visit our You Tube channel to see all films, clips and student interviews.

  • Drama: at the end of each 2 week course, students show their performances to the rest of the group. Watch
  • Improvisational Comedy: the students put on a show for the rest of the students. Watch
  • Law: students following the Law course may participate in a moot. Watch
  • Public Speaking & Debate: students pick their own topic and put on a public debate for the other students. Watch
  • Graduation Ceremony: student receive their graduation certificates at the gala dinner. Watch
  • Student Interview: a short clip of a student from the 2013 Oxford Summer Academy. Watch