Testimonials for the Oxford Summer Academy

Below is some of the feedback we have received from parents. You can see what the students think themselves here.

"I would like to thank the team for an incredible job with the Oxford Summer Academy.

My daughter had an outstanding experience overall, and my husband, I, and our friends can see a marked change in her after this time. Something seems to have been unlocked inside her and we observe an excitement about university, enthusiasm about the course of study, and a newfound confidence in general. She seems to be developing clear opinions, unafraid to share them, and is speaking up a whole lot more to all and sundry (and not just to me).

During the course, she bonded almost instantly with her roommate (well done on pairing her up well) and very quickly, the other girls. She was also comfortable enough to get to know some of the boys too. She has now made plans to visit some of the girls in Bangkok, Ireland, and Osaka, during our upcoming family holidays. Socially it has been a tremendous success for someone as introverted as she is.

Academically, she felt an entire world of new theoretical and practical knowledge was opened up to her. It really presented and helped clarify her thoughts about the areas of study that she could become truly interested and inclined towards. She particularly enjoyed the hands-on "Operating Theatre Live" session. As regards to the lecturers, she benefitted particularly from the knowledge-sharing and conversations with Shloke and was highly inspired by him.

My direct experience with you coming up to the course and during has been extremely positive. I am grateful for the flexibility that you showed when things were uncertain on our end. Your responses overall have been professional, prompt and effective. I will happily recommend this course to anyone. It's been worth every penny."

Parent from Singapore, 2019

 "I just wanted to write a quick note to tell you how much Teddy is throughly enjoying everything about the program!  He's called and texted and sent a bunch of photos and while he's not often prone to sharing too much information with his family in general as a teenager, in this case we can tell how genuinely excited and happy he appears to be because he has wanted to give us lots of details about everything he's doing.  He says he's learned a ton from his classes, and really enjoyed everything about the program, the excursions, the other students, being at Oxford, etc.  He's had a truly wonderful experience, which makes me super happy as a parent. Thank you for everything!"

Ted, 2019

 "Thank you for giving our son Reagin a wonderful experience."   

Dennis, 2019

 "Katarina has been inspired with the teachings at the summer academy, in fact it is absolutely wonderful to see her being excited about literately everything during these two weeks, learning, friendships, knowledge and skills she gained. Thank you all for this great experience, at least for her it definitely is a new corner stone for the school years to come."

Marija & Gregor, 2018

"Claudia is having a great time in the academy. It has been a great choice!!! Congratulations on the course. We will be recommending it to friends."

Andres, 2018

 "The Oxford Summer Academy was a great time and one of the best experiences of my life. It was nice to interact with students from different countries and getting to know about their home place. This was a learning trip for me and I enjoyed it throughout. Furthermore I have made friendships that will definitely last forever. Secondly thanks to all those who looked after us, made the trip well organised and possible."

Nomair, 2017

 "Jas absolutely loved her experience at Oxford! Thank you for all your support, I really appreciate all the time you put into answering my questions. Her experience was one of the best in her life she has told me!"

Tash, 2017

 "I would like to thank you for providing such an interesting learning opportunity to Jayaditya, my son. I keep hearing from him the great way in which learning has been imparted in this 2 week course and he has tremendously benefited from it and has enjoyed it a lot. He also enjoyed the minors and the electives - in particular the debate - he was very excited about it. Thank you once again for enabling such a great learning opportunity for him - he will carry this experience and knowledge for life."

Indroneel, 2017

 "We, as the parent, would like to take this opportunity to thank you, the course director and all the teachers who were involved in this summer course for giving the opportunity for our daughter to take part, study and experience in this OSA program.  We believe the experience she obtained from this course will help her make a better decision in choosing the right university for her bachelor program."

Mr & Mrs A, 2017

 "Maya had wonderful tutors and thoroughly enjoyed her Oxford experience."

Elizabeth, 2017

"I would like to share my experience at Oxford Summer Academy with other prospective students who are looking for summer programmes. My family booked a 2 week summer programme in Oxford. On my arrival I was hosted at this amazing accommodation called St Edmund Hall. I met the staff on my arrival who took really good care of me. They were very friendly and helpful throughout my entire stay. All the classes were very good and fun. I really enjoyed the debate classes as there were so many topics we discussed and shared opinions. The college had also organised our daily meals and I had the opportunity to try different foods which also added more value to the entire summer school experience. Our daily routines were filled with activities which helped all students to be engaged and we had the chance to make so many new friends. One of the greatest parts of this trip was also the location of the college and the students halls. We were right at the heart of Oxford city, walking distance from all Oxford University colleges and museums. I would like to thank every member of Oxford Summer Academy staff for making this vacation so great." 

Niyaz, 2017

 "As I see all of the OSA pictures on Facebook, I am quite nostalgic, and I cannot believe it has been a year since I was there myself. I wanted to thank you again for all the work you and your staff put into making the OSA experience so unforgettable. I will be attending Brown University this fall, and I have recently learned from my contact in Brown's Admissions Office that a primary reason for my admission to Brown was the essay I wrote about my time at OSA. A year ago, I had no idea the opportunities I would have as a result of my four weeks in Oxford, and I am beyond grateful for the experience."

Abby, 2016

 "I want you to know that the high expectations we had for the Oxford Summer Academy experience for Abby are more than fulfilled! We are so impressed! We are hearing so many positive things from Abby about what she is learning, doing and experiencing. You set the bar high by your excellent communication and prompt responses to questions in advance as well as the thorough information packet and the Facebook interviews, but our expectations have been exceeded by the actual experience Abby is having. Thank you so much. I will be singing your praises to school counsellors and friends when we return to the States, encouraging others to attend Oxford Summer Academy. The individual attention of Abby's tutors as well as the small group make Oxford Summer Academy the BEST Oxford experience. I was chatting with several other parents at the Welcome dinner and we agreed that this program seems a far better way to experience British higher education (and Oxford specifically) than the big programs like Oxbridge that we have heard about more often. So we need to get the word out about the excellence and attention to detail of Oxford Summer Academy!! Finally, I want you to know that Abby's English tutor has been outstanding and Abby is learning a great deal from her academically (plus her personality is so engaging!). She is "pushing" and challenging Abby and stretching her intellectually in so many new and wonderful ways."

Suzanne, 2016 

"I'd like you to know that I am forever grateful to you, not only because you took great care of me (and everyone else), but also because you inspired me to go through in everything I do.  I feel like during these four weeks I progressed more intellectually than ever, I passed a new step.  It gave me the profound will to study here in Oxford, in this amazing environment.  I know now exactly what I want to study, what causes I want to fight for in the future and what I support politically.  More than a course, this was truly an enlightenment to me."

Johann (student), 2016

"Lily had a wonderful time, and she loved her classes and tutors. Thanks for everything!"

Martha, 2016

 "My son was very happy with the entire experience with your school."

Marius, 2016

"I wanted to thank you for your exceptional organizational skills.  Tanner's course went smoothly from start to finish.  He had an great time and enjoyed himself immensely.  He finally found his artistic side with photography and has been putting those skills to use in our travels.  He also found the meals to be very pleasing and that is quite the high praise. Thank you for making the process so easy from beginning to end."

Kirstin Potter-Korin, 2016

"My daughter came back this weekend after the Summer Academy in Oxford. She was beaming. She seems very enthusiastic about the course in general, the quality of the classes and the pedagogical skills of the teachers. I'm sure this will be a great asset for her in the future as well. Thank you very much indeed."

Ms R, 2016

"Gracey really had an amazing experience and the OSA is definitely a program we will recommend to others!"

Mrs Mounsey, 2016

"Our daughter had a wonderful time in Oxford, thank you to all of the organisers and the tutors. Such a well organised two weeks filled with new experiences, great academic rigour and wonderful people. It was a great success from our point of view." 

Trish R. 2015

"Our expectations of the Oxford Summer Academy were high - due to the information we got from you and the internet. But our expectations were highly exceeded. Everything was great - the organisation, St Edmund Hall, the excursions with the Entz team. The other students were very nice - and thanks to the activities, it was easy for Felix to make friends with many of the other students. But I must mention the excellence of the tutors and their high academic and educational skills. Felix has learnt more in biology in the 2 weeks than during the whole school year in Austria, and he wants to continue with philosophy! Not to forget the attitude of the tutors who treated the students like adults - a crucial point. Felix was totally enthusiastic about his stay at Oxford! Thanks a lot for making this possible."

Ulrike and Dieter, 2015 

"My daughter had a wonderful experience at Oxford Summer Academy and made some very good friends! A huge thanks to everyone who worked to make the Oxford Summer Academy such a wonderful experience for the students! I am so pleased that I found your program and that we added two such wonderfully enriching weeks to our daughter's time in Oxford!"

Peggy G. 2015 

"Ingrid had a great time in Oxford and was so happy with her stay!! So much so that she wants to apply to universities in the UK. She only wishes she could have stayed longer."

Gudrun F. 2015 

"Cristina's experience was fabulous and exceeded our expectations. We appreciate everything."

Cynthia L. 2014

"My daughter had the most wonderful time. It was all we hoped and more."

R.P. 2014

"We wanted to send our gratitude for the tremendously happy and fulfilling two weeks you gave Ella. She is absolutely overflowing with excitement about her courses and tutors, the academic challenges and thrills, the friends she made "for life" and the whole experience of being an Oxford insider."

Sophie and Aron Miodownik 2014

"Words cannot express how thankful we are that Cameron had this unique opportunity to study in Oxford, England! He had an amazing time, and we hope all 4 of our children will get to enjoy this program. Thanks so so much!"

Sarah Kent 2014

"We were so impressed with the Oxford Summer Academy and staff; it really did change our daughter's life."

Anon. 2014

"I just wanted to take a moment to say what a great experience Rachel had for the two weeks she was at OSA.  Any of her concerns (initially Maths and Debate) were met with understanding and support and therefore, she really proved herself in areas she did not feel as confident in.  What a great take-away for her summer and in moving forward with her educational career.  I am forwarding her evaluation reports on to the school counselor center.

A big thanks to the program on the behalf of we, as parents, in that the students are kept occupied and challenged by their surroundings and curriculum and come home wishing they could stay longer."

Susan and Bart Olson 2014

 "Saskia really enjoyed her two weeks and is really pleased she has done the course. She mentioned that whereas the first few days she thought that 2 weeks would be long enough, by the end she felt that she would have enjoyed and benefitted from another 2 weeks! It seems to me that the course has been set up in such a way so as to give the pupils a taste of what being a student can be like but at the same time making sure that it all works within a safe environment. Really well organised!

Saskia particularly enjoyed her major and elective, In fact she loved 'Introduction to Medical Biology' and wished she could have stayed on to learn more! She has now discovered that she really likes the combination of biology and chemistry and that biochemistry may also be an option.  Her major/BMAT tutor has really helped her a lot with information regarding UCAS application, courses and universities to consider. A very big thank you to that tutor in particular.

Her two weeks at the Oxford Summer Academy were a major help to Saskia. She saw a side to biology that sparked new interest, made her realise that she could spend the whole day studying biology and find it enjoyable, and it also gave her the confidence to apply to universities in the UK."

Athena van Dongen 2013

 "JB's experience with OSA was truly outstanding. Please extend my gratitude and my congratulations to the entire OSA team."

Benard Gault 2013

"Thank you for such a wonderful experience.  Yasmine loved it there and was only sad about having to leave.  She also came home with an extremely positive opinion of the UK and Oxford. She came away with more knowledge, new friends, and a lifelong love of Oxford and the UK.  We were delighted with the academics and that Yasmine's  major instructor is on the English faculty at an Oxford college.  However, our decision to enroll was not just about academics, but also about care, and in this regard your program also exceeded our expectations.  

I would like to especially commend Genevieve Dear in her interaction with parents.  In both her competence and manner, Gen reassured us of our decision to enroll our child in your program.  Every time we called, she was extremely helpful and had already implemented every detail of our last conversation; we knew Yasmine would not be lost in the shuffle.  In addition, we did not need to contact anyone else at OSA because Gen handled all our questions and arrangements with such thoroughness and thoughtfulness.  After Yasmine's arrival, our confidence in the program was further solidified as our daughter consistently reported the superior staff, hospitality and organization of the entire program. 

Thank you to everyone at Oxford Summer Academy for your excellent academic delivery and pastoral care of the students.  And thank you especially for Gen's excellent pastoral care of the parents. She made this leap across a giant pond turn out to be so easy for us."

Susan Seghir 2013 

"The kids were so happy. They had really really a good time. They enjoyed the ambiance, the course, the campus, all the staff. I think I made a really good choice to choose at Oxford. So thanks again for your kindness and your help to make their stay so positive. I hope I will have the opportunity to send my other kids in a few years."

Sidika Akbaraly 2013