Course Options

We offer a combination of academic focused classes, and career/university preparation focused options, and all classes can be used within university applications to demonstrate that the student is making an informed choice of subject. 

University/Career focused options: Courses aimed to either help students experience what studying a certain course at university would be like, or to give students a better idea of what a career in their chosen profession would look like. For each 2 week course the student attends, they select the career path/university course they are interested in.

Academic focused options: Courses to help students explore subjects they are interested beyond the usual school curriculum, or to try something new, perhaps a subject they are considering studying at university. For each 2 week course the student attends, they study 1 major, 1 minor and 1 elective course. Students can pick any combination of courses. We will ask students to select a first and second choice for their major, minor and elective courses, in case their first choice course is no longer available.  

Business (Young Executive) Law  (Young Lawyer) PPE (Philosophy, Politics & Economics)
Computing Literature  Profile Your Personality 
Creative Writing Maths  Psychology
Critical Thinking  Medicine (Young Doctor) Public Speaking & Debate
Engineering (Young Engineer) Photography  

Following the Oxford tutorial system, teaching takes place in small groups.

The Oxford Summer Academy aims to give students a taste of life at Oxford University and so, like Oxford undergraduates, students are set assignments in their chosen subjects. These papers are formally assessed, and can contribute to High School credits where appropriate. Students can work on their weekly papers in their study-bedrooms, or use the library of St Edmund Hall.