Social Life In Oxford

The social side of the academy is one of the things that sets us apart from other academic summer courses. We realise that this is an important aspect for students staying away from home, and we want to make sure they enjoy their time outside of lessons and get to make the most of meeting like-minded people from around the world. We do this by offering a full social programme, run by our Entz team, a group of undergraduates dedicated to ensuring that students enjoy their stay in Oxford! Their role is partly pastoral, and they also coordinate a variety of Oxford-based activities for students during their free time. The programme consists of a variety of different activities, as detailed below.
For the energetic, there are sports evenings with cricket and rounders. For those who want to relax, there are picnics in Oxford's parks and gardens. Other evening activities on offer include drama evenings, visits to Oxford College theatre productions, quizzes and treasure hunts.
No visit to Oxford is complete without a punting trip! We explore Oxford from its rivers and streams by punt one evening during their stay.
Oxford has many attractions, not least its colleges. Other Oxford attractions include the Ashmolean museum and the botanical gardens and Oxford's many cafes and boutiques. Many students enjoy browsing in the University's main bookshop, Blackwells, and the large number of second-hand bookshops in Oxford. Students have ample opportunity to visit these during their stay.
The highlights of the social events are the student debate and the photography exhibition. These events are run by the students for everyone participating in the course. The course ends with a gala dinner and certificate-giving.
On top of the activities that we organise, students have free time where they are encouraged to explore the local area with their new friends. We are always happy to offer suggestions of places to visit, from cultural attractions through to the best place to get an ice-cream!

OSA students relaxing