About Us

St Edmund Hall

The Oxford Summer Academy is held every June/July at St Edmund Hall, Oxford University, and nearby Oxford International College. It is aimed at high school students aged 16-19 who are looking for an academic adventure during the summer holidays. We can also accept mature 15 year olds, with evidence of academic excellence. 

We aim to provide the best possible academic tuition and pastoral care. Every student is treated as an individual. We offer students the chance to explore new subjects, experience university-style study, and visit Oxford, Cambridge and London.

The Oxford Summer Academy is a complete package, offering academic tuition during the mornings, participation in electives during the afternoons, and a wide range of traditional British cultural activities and excursions on weekends and in the evenings.

Our academic integrity is very important to us. The major and minor academic options have clearly defined educational aims, objectives, syllabi and assessment criteria. The afternoon electives are designed to broaden students’ experience and lead to achievements that can enhance university applications. We also include an accredited and certified 8-hour employability skills workshop. Our teaching staff are graduates and tutors of Oxford and other world-class universities. Our class sizes never exceed 6 and are often smaller.

OSA Plus

In 2018 we are piloting an exciting new programme (Oxford Summer Academy Plus) directly after the main OSA course, which is designed to help students who are seriously considering applying to the UK for university. 

Whilst this course in based in Oxford, it will involve visiting at least 10 highly ranked UK universities and meeting international admissions officers who will give guidance and advice on how to make competitive applications to these institutions. 

We aim to visit a mixture of city; campus; collegiate and London universities to give students a sense of what different learning environments are like.

In addition to the day visits, each student will be guided through the process of making a UCAS application (the UK’s centralised way of applying to university). This will include writing a “Personal Statement” – a key part of the UK application form. Each student will have a ‘Personal Statement Mentor’ who will oversee, check and give formal feedback on his or her work. Each mentor will have no more than 6 students. 

Like OSA, there will be a full range of social activities and we aim to give students a realistic view of what coming to study and live in the UK for three or four years would actually be like. 

Accommodation will be in student rooms and breakfast and dinner will be provided.  

We have tried to give you as much information as possible on this website, including plenty of photographs and interviews with students from previous courses, and we would be delighted to answer any question you may have over the phone or per email.

We hope that you will share our passion and enthusiasm for education and we look forward to welcoming you to Oxford.

Dr. Mario PetersDirector
Frank Hardee, Course Director and Marketing Manager
Gen DearGeneral Manager